Heroes & Scoundrels List

All it takes for good to prevail is for evil men to do nothing.

Its a variation on original quote but its probably going to take more than that, eh? So here are the ones taking action from both sides.

2010 October-
Hero   Henry Bensen–Founder of Amnesty International
Scoundrel  Bernard Madoff–Shyster extrordinaire

2010 September-
Hero  James (Jimmy) E. Carter–President and Humanitarian
Scoundrel  Bernard Madoff--Shyster extraordinaire

2010 August-
Hero  Eleanor Roosevelt–1st Lady, activist, human rights activist
Scoundrel  Adolph Hitler–Dictator, murderer and Bully

2010 July-
Hero  Geoffrey Canada–Social reformer, visionary, thought leader
Scoundrel  Joseph StalinDictator, murderer and Bully

Heroes List

Scoundrels List

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