Artistic and Aesthetic

Artistic and Aesthetic
Our primary sense is our vision –80% of our sensory input is through our eyes, so considering how much of what we know and perceive is through our vision, isn’t it worth exploring how and what we are looking at?
Every week one art work, whether mine or someones else will be examined. Why? Because we are surrounded by art, we should notice it and embrace it. Truly we are, although we rarely notice. Whether it is nature, or the interior of an office building, or the pictures for advertisement on a store, we are surrounded by images. We tune it out. It is fair to say we need to in this verdant of a visual environment, but we fall victim to our myopia. To give an example, most people at a museum look at a painting for about fifteen seconds before moving on (I’ve counted). If you consider that someone spent on average about twenty hours looking and working on something that is a visual image, there may be a good deal that we miss in that brief of look.

So take a look ….

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