I heard that one third of your life is spent sleeping. Not true for me as there are so many books and so little time. I love libraries, librarians and nurses as they are the most helpful people on earth. If libraries  had coffee and beer I would live there! although I could use another hour of sleep.
Here’s an interesting statistic: The most people only read one book in their life after graduating high school. This does not include newspapers, technical books, periodicals, etc.
In the last millennium I worked for the Chicago Public Library as a Book Discussion Moderator and started to keep a list of books I’ve read for discussion and then started to add the books I had read in general.¬† Its is by no means complete or up to date and the last time I made an entry to the list was 2002 (not the last time I read a book). I’ve divided the catagories into:
Great Literature, or classics

If there is a book you see and you’d like to discuss, or ask about please make a comment. If you are a librarian who likes to dress up as a nurse and likes coffee and alcohol-call me immediately! :-)

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