Another ‘Dull Day’

I  met the local  police this month.

The winter here in has been just below average although it got unseasonably cold at the beginning of December dropping to a low of -5 F (-20° C) for a day and slowly grew warmer by about 4° per day to the normal range of 29° F (-2°C). Of course the coldest day was when I my car battery chose to die (it should not have since it was under warranty, but it was defective) and I had many adventures including spinning off the road into a ditch, later a flat tire, later popping my knee out on black ice (what’s with all these accidents involving my legs? bad karma?) and changing the battery in the open wind with makeshift tools when my pliers snapped from the cold, almost being ‘rear ended’ from a driver going too fast on ice behind me who drove off the road to avoid me and up and over a hill and back on the road, and then I had bronchitis for a two weeks! Another boring day!

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