Today’s Shock and Awe

Basically a page where I post a daily observation on our/my relationship with the world. It’s usually filled with wonder and amazement at the wondrous times we live in, and occasionally a rant at the madness that is right next to the wonder.


The image above is from a card I made and mailed to people whose addresses I know and email a version of it to those I do not. Every year I create my own Christmas card and have delightful time with it so share in the humor and the cheer with it. If you want one just leave me reply and I will send you one. (Your email address will be kept private and not be posted).

Just in case you are not familiar with this image (rare but sometimes true)–Its A Wonderful Life–is a movie that is new part of the American tradition of Christmas movies and has become quite popular in the last twenty years and unavoidable during the season as it is shown at least three or four times. I you have seen it then you can disregard the following summary.

Its a story about a man Bill Bailly who has had great expectations of having exotic adventures and traveling the world since boyhood, but due to circumstances of family obligations and duty to his fathers business he is never able to leave the small town he lives in. After raising a family and living on meager income while watching friends succeed and do the things he wished to do he has of crisis on Christmas Eve and decides to kill himself. Through no fault of his own, his drunkard ¬†uncle loses the deposit of funds for the Savings and Loan he Bill Bailly owns and is faced with the prospect of going to jail for stealing the money. A simple minded angel, Clarence is dispatched to help, interrupts his suicide, and tries to help him. Bill Bailly states he wishes he was never born, and Clarence decides to grant him this wish. When Bill Bailly returns to the town and meets all the people who should know him discovers that his life was so meaningful because of all the positive acts of courage, generosity and duty he had done in his ‘life’. Begging for his life back, he returns home to find an outpouring of love and financial contributions from all the people he has known to keep his Savings & Loan solvent, and him out of jail. The original picture has him in my place when all have shown up to help him.

Now why would I choose and alter this picture from the movie for my Christmas Card?

The current financial climate is quite difficult for America these last two years and most people have had to give up their homes, jobs, lifestyles of carefree living and most have not had this sense of insecurity before. Times are Hard, as the expression goes. In spite of that who we are as people doesn’t or shouldn’t change, its not what we have, but who we are, and although I have lost pretty much everything I have in a material sense, I recognize that does not reflect who I am. Another reason is it struck me as fun and the last reason is that I always like that pretty blond, Donna Reed who played his wife. Yeow!

Perhaps I will make a new card for the new year. Until then I hope all is well and all your adventures make you smile.

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