History and The Present

Speaking of age …

I wrote this July 28th, and realized I have lived through almost a quarter of America’s Life Span so far. My birthday and the USA’s birthday are in the same month so I considered how much of this country’s history have I seen so far? Well by dividing 234 (that’s Americas current age) with my age it turns out to be 24%, and if you will forgive the extra one per cent I averaged in, that is one fourth of this country’s age.

My time so far has witnessed –sort of chronologically:

Transistor radios
-black and white (technically I was the 1st generation that was born into it)
Sputnik and the Space Race
Peace Core creation
Bay of Pigs Cuba
Berlin Wall Built and torn down!
Pres. Kennedy assassination
Duck and Cover!
Cuban Missile Crisis, World War III barely averted
Civil Rights Movement and its backlash
Martin Luther Kings crusade and assassination
Malcom X’s  crusade and assassination
Muhamed Ali the great boxer and personality

Men step onto the Moon

Pres. Nixon and Watergate Scandal

Color TV
Environmental movement
Bar Codes are invented and used
Expiration Dates are first added to products

First heart transplant
Rise of Maoist China and the cultural revolution
Death of Mao and refutation of the cultural revolution excesses
Star Trek
Electronic calculators, pre-digital
Vietnam War, its whole bloody mess
America held hostage by Iran
First Oil Embargo by OPEC
Pol Pot and the Cambodian Genocide
America’s steel industry moves offshore (1st great outsourcing)
1st answering machines–mechanical voice mail on cassette tape
Portable phone–not cell phones
Echelon rebuilt to monitor US communications in e-mail
FAX machines become available
Cassette tapes for music
The end of The American Republic and the rise of The American Empire
Robotics begin in Japan
Star Wars premiers–”A New Hope”
Sony introduces the “Walkman”
Artificial heart invented
Cable Television
Mount St. Helena explodes
AIDS first discovered
DNA is first used to convict a criminal
Cell phones
Digital calculators
Apple Corp and Macintosh computer
Micorsoft Corp and windows
Desktop Computers
The Internet as we know it begins
New Coke
8Track tapes for music
MRI for medical scans
Tienanmen Square students massacred in Beijing China
Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska–first really huge oil spill to devastate US coastline
Hubble Space Telescope
Soviet Union dissolves
World Wide Web
1st Successful cloning -Sheep
1st genetically modified life form is patented (mouse for labratory expieriments)
1st Gulf War or 1st oil war–liberation of Kuwait
International Space Station–one of the most under-rated world wonders
Successful mapping of Human DNA
Afghanistan Invasion
2nd Gulf War–invasion of Iraq
Election of 1st black president

At least that’s what I can remember so far, and what boggles my mind is that truly amazing things are on the horizon. To blow your mind consider, The Singularity: In about 20 years a laptop will be able to perform at the level of computing power of the combined human race.


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