Heroine -Virginia Woodhull 1st woman to run for president

Virginia Woodhull was no ordinary achieving woman. She was an extraordinary woman whose life began with charlatan parents. This is best described by the author of her biography Other Powers, by Barbara Goldsmith as follows:
Billed as a clairvoyant and magnetic healer–a devotee and priestess of those “other powers” that were gaining acceptance across America–in her father’s traveling medicine show…spiritual and financial adviser to Commodore Vanderbilt…the first woman to address a joint session of Congress, where–backed by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony–she presents an argument that women, as citizens, should have the right to vote… becoming the “high priestess” of free love in America (fiercely believing the then-heretical idea that women should have complete sexual equality with men) …making a run for the presidency of the United States against Ulysses S. Grant and Horace Greeley, and felled when her past career as a prostitute finally catches up with her.
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Her biography
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