Some Books I’ve Read–fantasy

In the last millennium I worked for the CPL as a Book Discussion Moderator and started to keep a list of books I’ve read. Its is by no means complete or up to date, but if you see a book you’d like to discuss or ask about, just make a post.

Last Entry 2002
Eddings, David    The Belgariead (5 volumes)    Fantasy
Eddings, David    Pawn of Prophecy     Fantasy
Eddings, David    Queen of Sorcery    Fantasy
Eddings, David    Magician’s Gambit    Fantasy
Eddings, David    Castle of Wizardry    Fantasy
Eddings, David    Enchanters’ End Game     Fantasy
Eddings, David    The Mallorean  (5 volumes)    Fantasy
Eddings, David    Guardians of the West     Fantasy
Eddings, David    King of the Murgos      Fantasy
Eddings, David    Demon God of Karanda      Fantasy
Eddings, David    Sorceress of Darshiva      Fantasy
Eddings, David    The Seeress of Kell     Fantasy
Eddings, David    The Elenium  (4 volumes)    Fantasy
Eddings, David    The Diamond Throne      Fantasy
Eddings, David    The Ruby Knight      Fantasy
Eddings, David    The Domed City     Fantasy
Brooks, Terry     Sword of Shanar    Fantasy
Lackey, Mercedes     The Queen’s Own (3 volumes)    Fantasy
Lackey, mercedes     Arrows of the Queen (1)    Fantasy
Lackey, mercedes    Arrow Flight (2)    Fantasy
Lackey, mercedes    Arrows Fall (3)    Fantasy
Card, Orson Scott    The Tales of Alvin Maker    Fantasy
Card, Orson Scott    Seventh Son    Fantasy
Card, Orson Scott    Red Prophet    Fantasy
Tolkien, J. R. R.     The Lord of the Rings    Fantasy
Tolkien, J. R. R.     The Fellowship of the Ring(1)    Fantasy
Tolkien, J. R. R.     The Two Towers (2)    Fantasy
Tolkien, J. R. R.     The Return of the King (3)    Fantasy
Tolkien, J. R. R.     The Silmarillion    Fantasy
Miller, Frank     Batman: The Dark Knight Returns    Fantasy
Pavic, Milorad    Dictionary of the Khazars     Fantasy
Anthony, Piers    Wielding A Red Sword     Fantasy
Zelazny, Roger    Chronicles of Amber (7    Fantasy
Zelazny, Roger    Nine Pinces of Amber(1)    Fantasy
Zelazny, Roger    Courts of Chaos    Fantasy
Zelazny, Roger    Hand of Oberon    Fantasy
Zelazny, Roger    Sign of the Unicorn    Fantasy
Zelazny, Roger    Trumps of Doom    Fantasy
Zelazny, Roger    Blood of Amber     Fantasy

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