An Inspirational Book-The Myths of Innovation

I have been a reader of Scott Berkun’s website and have been impressed in his perception and insight into creativity, the workplace, and people. How do you inspire and motivate in an atmosphere of “not my job”, “cover your ass”, and “keep your head down in the workplace and working groups? As Scott has said indirectly ‘the best way is to change the group into a positive one, then it becomes possible…’ (my paraphrase).

Give it a read and tell me what you think.

The Myths of Innovation

A great book, The Myths of Innovation, is now out in
paperback with 4 new chapters – It’s gotten fantastic reviews
for being fun, inspiring and a great read. You have to check it
out if you work …with ideas or hope to someday.

On amazon (50 reviews) at: this link

Two free chapters: at this link (PDF)

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