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11×14 Pencil Sketch Red Wing Blackbird by PVGrabas

The picture is a pencil sketch for a painting that I am working on. The Subject is a red-wing blackbird landing on march grass in a field. This sketch is 11×14 and not finished as a drawing, but I have finally gotten the anatomy of the bird correct–except the feet the look a little nightmarish. Their bodies are quite stocky and the wings are very full so it took some observation to realize that what I was doing was keeping the drawings from looking like a blackbird. Not critical to the art within, but it was close enough that you could tell that it was off –for that kind of bird. If I had made it a bit more abstract it would not have mattered. I’ll probably get another chance next Sunday to finish it and then onto paint.

Debating whether to have just one or many birds, we’ll see what the painting demands.
Hope your well.

It can be seen on my site on July 2nd:
Fine & Graphic Arts
See you there.

Books I’ve Read–Lists of Books I’ve read according to genre

January book review–No Longer Human by Osamu Dasai
November’s book review–Kokoro by Natsume Soseki
Christmas Card--see Todays Shock and Awe tab

Welcome to the new Blog for Fine and Graphic Arts

The FGA site and this blog became active this year on July 26th. This blog has (and will have) many thoughts and explanations about mine and others artworks, approach and execution, as well as thoughts and deliberations on aesthetics. There a number of categories for exploration.

Artistic and Aesthetic
Our primary sense is our vision –80% of our sensory input is through our eyes, so considering how much of what we know and perceive is through our vision, isn’t it worth exploring how and what we are looking at?
Every week one art work, whether mine or someones else will be examined. Why? Because we are surrounded by art, we should notice it and embrace it. Truly we are, although we rarely notice. Whether it is nature, or the interior of an office building, or the pictures for advertisement on a store, we are surrounded by images. We tune it out. It is fair to say we need to in this verdant of a visual environment, but we fall victim to our myopia. To give an example, most people at a museum look at a painting for about fifteen seconds before moving on (I’ve counted). If you consider that someone spent on average about twenty hours looking and working on something that is a visual image, there may be a good deal that we miss in that brief of look.

So take a look ….

History and the Present
No soap opera can ever hope to match the intrigue, foul play or love that you can find in history. People who have now interest in history had a poor history teacher in their life. Its not about the dates and huge events but rather the lives of people caught up in them that make those dates meaningful, and it sure is one great soap opera.

My Heroes and Scoundrels List
You may have met some these people or at least know of them. Lets see which ones you like, want to be more like, or would like to toss into cold water. I expect this list to grow considerably with your input.

Comedy and laugher
Between YouTube and the News, you can bust a gut laughing.


Peter V. Grabas

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