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"The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself. ~ Henry Miller"


"You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus" ~ Mark Twain



You never know what you are looking at, until you see it.

Continuing on the Flamingos theme I have started the next painting. It is called Single Flamingo and has been dormant for some time now. About a year and half due to illness and then malaise. What you see to the right is the 3rd sketch which is fairly close to the painting. This painting is 32x50 inch canvas oil painting. See more next month here or watch its progress on FaceBook, just look for peter grabas and look in the albums. Painting of a single flamingos surrounded by other flamingos

Welcome to the site. This site has a number of galleries as a showplace for artwork by Peter Grabas, and it is growing all the time. The features that you will find here are paintings, both western and asian, drawing, photography. The about page has a bio and a little on my aesthetics. In short, I have been in search of beauty. Got any? Let me know. In the blog you'll find sprinkled with a little history, thoughts on art, aesthetics and some humor.

Visit the galleries in the tabs above and the blog. For a bio on me visit the about page. For my stained glass art, please visit my website for stained glass.


September, 2018
Hi again. Almost finished with the novel(s). Quite a few of you are asking, "WTF we've been hearing about this for a year! Where is it?"

Cover of the Novel and pdf download Well a sample is right over to your right. Just click on it to read or download. It's some excerpts from books II to IV. I expect to be finished in a month and begin marketing and publishing. I Remember... Subtitled The Memories of a 300 Year Old Man. Once I finish this then its back to the biz and all the strategy I worked on for six years.

May, 2018
Hi again. I recovered physically, mostly, but have a novel more than half written so I decided to commit to its completion so most of the year I have been writing up til now. Except my mentor said (after grabbing his head) "This is not a novel. Its like four! You've got twelve hundred pages and you still are not done!" My answer is that it will take the time it requires for excellence!

March, 2017
It seems I have survived. Last year November 2017 I started to get sicker with a chest infection. I developed three abdominal infections that almost killed me in Dec. I have been recuperating since them and am well again, sort of. All my plans were wrecked, havent been able to work, depleted savings, you know the drill. Not launching the Drones For Life biz and watching it die hurts though. No energy and bouncing back feels pointless. Maybe that will pass. I have been taking time to write a novel while I recuperate called I Remember... Subtitled The Memories of a 300 Year Old Man

April, 2017 to Sept 2017 has been deleted.

September, 2016
This is the latest work: I have finished "Night Birds in the Everglades". This is 32x50 inch canvas oil painting. The next painting of similar size is already being sketched. See more next month here or watch its progress on FaceBook, just look for peter grabas. I was sick most of last year, and 2016 has been a year of catch up and forward momentum. Painting of Flamingos at night in the water I am starting another business called Drones For Life. When that gets out of intellectual property search I will tell you more about it. But it is basically finding victims locations and status in a disaster zone. I am already planning the next flamingo painting, but that is the usual modus operandi, three painting ahead of the one you are working on. Any thoughts, feel free to share.

June, 2013 to Sept 2016 has been deleted.

May, 2013
Working on a different subject--Flamingos in a night swamp in Florida. This is a subject I have wanted to pursue for a couple of decades and realized, that ... its been two decades. No time to lose! (I decided to postpone or perhaps abandon the Two Towers painting I sketched last month. I did make the first sketch and painting layer for it, but found myself drawn to the above project instead. Hey, we all change our minds sometimes, eh?) is progressing nicely, although never as quickly as I would like.

April, 2013
This is the latest work: A sketch for a painting, Leaving the Valley of Two Towers. Based on a Tarot card, symbolically it stands for a dark time I went through. The final will be a little different. sketch of Valley of two towers #2

February, 2013
A bit of bad health has hobbled some of my efforts, but not stopped me. The new year is filled with exciting new people I've met and opportunities. I started to work on an old unfinished painting and am delighted by the possibilities it can turn. I've been looking at it for some time so I expect it to proceed quite well. At least that's my expectation!

September, 2012
Wonderful changes! Peter's Palette has evolved. What was an art educational site, has expanded to include self improvement and personal growth thru the creative arts. With this evolution new horizons are realized and of course additional work so the launch date is now August 25th, 2013.

August, 2012
My official launch date for Peter's Palette is Labor Day 2012, although it will be operational before that. There is a host of valuable services, offers and products as well as links to other sites and services. I have also been working on a new painting. The sketches are still too raw to display but are promising. More about this later.

June, 2012
How time does fly. I am a month away from launching Peter's Palette and am building the site and making content for it. Needless to say art has taken a back seat to enterprise. But you can still click the image at the top to see last months work.

May, 2012
I am excited and a little nervous. The web site Coffee Tea And Culture is active and monetized, and I have been making video content for it, and you wouldn't believe the amount of technical pitfalls there are to a simple idea of 'making a short video.' Am signing up for Catch Fire University for some coaching an improving my success. As for art-- I finished a pattern I will be using for a stained glass mosaic and tattoo. Click the image at the top.

April, 2012
Almost well from walking pneumonia, but hey still got some work done on Coffee Tea And Culture Cafe and moving forward albeit agonizingly slowly. Will start videos at the end of the month.
March, 2012
Did Ultimate Internet Boot Camp. Was totally blown away, have a new site up Coffee Tea And Culture Cafe and met some amazing people and made new friends. I am ill however with a lung infection this month and working is very difficult.
February, 2012
Crazy weather and pumped for my trip to LA for the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp.
January, 2012
More study and my brain hurts. I know that I will not be a master at this code writing but will outsource this. Needed to learn enough to get the basics.
December, 2012
Studying databases, scripting and php for a novel approach to the CoffeeTeaAndCultureCafe and subsequent websites.
November, 2011
Wow. The Millionaire Mind Intensive course was incredible. I took it back in April and thought to take it again--repetition enhances what we know into action. I had stagnated since then and thought to spark up my energy--and boy did it! The new plan is ... actually the old plan, with enhancements and better tactics. I will be taking a specialized course taught by millionaires who have made millions and are experts in what they do. Who better to learn from? I will take a course in L.A. in the 1st week in March 2012 to build and monetize a website. Based on Coffe, tea and culture such as videos, movies, etc. I will then use this template to produce Peter's Palette to open in July.
October, 2011
Working on and finished a sketch/drawing of a redwinged blackbird.
June, 2011
Amazing how last months statement of transformation was prophetic in many ways. I took the Millionaire Mind Intensive training and walked away changed. Transformed. Announcing the ressurrection and continuation of Peter's Palette an educational video series. It will feature lessons on making drawings and paintings to follow along as well as the asthetic reasons why. Inspiration from Nature, interpretation of that inspiration, and translation into art. The web site -Peter's Palette- will be operational on July 26th, 2011. More on this later.

April, 2011
What an incredible month to come! This is a month of incredible transformation. Not only is nature suddenly going to burst into new growth, but I am as well. I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive and what a weekend. I wish you all joy such as I have. Fine & Graphic Arts will undergo a transformation this month and there will be opportunity to purchase quite a few new products in the near future. this blog post.Transformation.

March, 2011
As I had mentioned last month I found my journals from the last millenium and I have spent most of the month scanning them, and one surprise is the amount of time it has used. Two hundred scans or so and I have three more years to go. Below is a sample of a page. I will have a dozen up for viewing on March 15th. I will also have a history of one painting that is of the blue herons above. this blog post. More work is the main order of the month and starting two paintings.

February, 2011
A great feeling of satisfaction prevades and I sit smiling as if drinking, but yet perfectly sober. I found my journals from my swamp, bog, and jungle art safari's and all my notes. They had been in storage with my studio for five years and I thought they were lost. A brief sample is the sketch of Night birds in the swamp. By the way, this is an artistic expression, real birds don't go into the water at night. They are sensibly asleep. this blog post. Work is the main order of the month as the holidays are an interruption (pleasant, but nevertheless an interruption).

January, 2011
I have writtten a new book review of a Japanese classic, No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai, and is be available at this blog post. Work is the main order of the month as the holidays are an interruption (pleasant, but nevertheless an interruption).

December, 2010
I have built a new painting studio and a really good taboret which I will share the plans for next month. A book review of a Japanese classic, Kokoro by Natsume Soseki, is be available in The Blog and another review on, No longer Human by Osamu Dazai, in January. Progress is a bit slow due to health issues and the usual holidaze activity.


November, 2010
This month will be light on new additions but next month will have a new crop of fall work. I am building a new painting studio and this is replacing the scanning and adding of old work. A book review of a Japanese classic, Kokoro by Natsume Soseki, will be available in The Blog on November 7th. and another review on, No longer Human by Osamu Dazai, in December.

August 31st, 2010
Saw the move and I have decided to become a Samurai, err, at least the kind that survives.
A little photo editing just for a lol.

July 30th, 2010
I don't know what possessed me, but I added more content before the stated August deadline. So enjoy the new images in all menus, and look for additions in current work throughout the month. I will have more to say in The Blog on Aug. 1st. The next large rollout of images will be in Sept.

July 26th, 2010
We are here! Today is the official rollout of this site. Welcome.

I want to wish all of you a great celebration with all the trimmings of grilled food and outdoor fun. Its America's birth day and she's 234 years old. Read More

I would also like to wish my friend of twenty one years Shawn Mocus, rest and the joys of heaven, whom I learned just passed away. His laughter, good nature and helping hands will be missed but not forgotten. Read More